A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

The fallout from the second Death Star battlestation’s destruction has rendered the Endor moon uninhabitable. In the midst of renewed hope there is a shocking sadness as the delicate web of life on the Endor moon is destroyed, including the diminutive Ewok, so central to the success of the Alliance attack on the Death Star.

The Alliance, converting a score of large freighters into emergency ‘arks’, has evacuated as many of the Ewok as they can – along with a sampling of the thousands upon thousands of other species to be found on the moon’s surface – but time has not been kind and the loss of life is simply staggering.

It was a catastrophe the Rebel Alliance knew would be an inevitable result of the station’s destruction so close to the tiny moon, but a price the continued existence of the Death Star and the potential cost in human and alien life that it could incur far outwieghed.

This calculus does nothing to dull the anguish felt by those watching the last of the “arks” moving slowly out of the moon’s orbit. There is nothing more that can be done.

And the war is far from over.

Star Wars (D6) - The Esurient Void: Gambit's Wake

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